«My music has soul» Her dark voice and her passion are what makes her music different from all the rest
15.04.1990 Barlo Netherlands

Sharon Kovacs

Early career
Key events
Sharon Kovacs was born on April 15, 1990 in the city of Barlo

Music for Sharon has always been in the  first place. According to her family, she started singing before she spoke

«I listened to singer personalities, those who really lived their lives and whose emotions have heard in their voices», — says the artist
The beginning of the young singer's career can be considered a performance in the vocal competition "Open Mic", in which she participated while working as a waitress

After that, she went to audition at RockCity at the music school in her hometown, and  was enrolled in students

But teachers did not understand what to do with Sharon's already established manner, and even offered her to  change the field of activity The aspiring singer did not give up
A collaboration has begun with producer Oscar Holleman, who is better known in the world of heavy rock
Performances at various festivals including «North Sea Jazz Festival» and «Lowlands»
She released her first album «Shades Of Black» and went on a club tour «Shades of Black»
«I don't usually listen to such things, but out of boredom I listened and was recruited by this voice»
The meeting with Oscar was fateful for Sharon
It was with him that Kovacs created her first track My Love, which reached the top positions in the charts of the Netherlands, Germany and Greece
The clip «My Love» has gained 25,000,000 views
Kovaks has participated in many music festivals, including the Eurosonic Festival, Ziggodome, Bospop and North Sea Jazz festivals, Sighet
With the debut album «Shades of Black» Sharon received the European Border Breakers Award, it is awarded to ten aspiring artists in recognition of their success
After breaking up with Oscar Holleman, she began collaborating with Liam Coverdale Howe, a producer, musician and songwriter from London
With Liam Coverdale, Kovacs released another album, «CheapSmell» in 2018
In 2018, Sharon Kovacs came to Russia for the first time
In 2019, she took part in the television series «Kept Women», which became the winner of the Golden Mask
The song «My Love» took its place in the credits and became the main theme of the entire series
After that, Sharon's popularity skyrocketed. Kovacs has an army of fans
In the same year, she took part in the «Manor Jazz» festival in Kolomenskoye
«The whole album is a journey in which I realized that I need to be able to be happy by myself and learn to accept my shortcomings»
Unique style
Sharon does not strive to meet the standards

This manifests itself in her appearance: she has short hair and wears piercings, while wearing feminine makeup and dresses, and a long fur hat with ears has become an almost invariable attribute.

Or rather, hats— she has a whole collection of them

It's always interesting to wait for what she will come on stage and how she will sing. Any of her performances is unique
One of the most open, honest and inspired future soul albums of the decade, named after her the last group to fame and, like its debut, seeking to find the positive in the most difficult turns of life

Acute topics were touched upon: a relationship with a guy addicted to cocaine, which ended in a breakup; love on the verge of insanity; an unsuccessful meeting with his father, a radical evangelist…

«Cheap Smell» is as dark as it is delicious, but with a twinkle in its eyes
The singer simply conquered Russia with her charm and personality, her performances were warmly received by the public
Один из самых открытых, честных и вдохновенных будущих соул-альбомов десятилетия, названный в честь ее последней группы до известности и, как и ее дебют, стремящийся находить позитив в самых сложных поворотах жизни

«Cheap Smell» настолько же мрачен, насколько и восхитителен, но с огоньком в глазах
Shades of Black (2015)
Cheap Smell (2018)
«My Love» EP (2014)
«The Devil You Know» (2015)
«Cheap Smell» (2018)
«Black Spider» (2018)
«Its The Weekend» (2018)
«Mama & Papa (2018)

Concert activities
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Sharon Kovacs
Sharon Kovacs
Sharon Kovacs
Sharon Kovacs
Director: Daan Willekens
Idea: John van den Oetelaar
Release date: November 22, 2014 (Netherlands)
Documentary film
Producer Oscar Holleman (Within Temptation, Krezip, Megadeath, Heideroosjes, Rosemary’s Sons and many others), hearing the voice of 21-year-old Sharon Kovacs instantly recognizes her as a talented singer

Kovacs, nicknamed The Wolf Lady, is working with Holleman on his debut album «Shades of Black». The creative process takes the young singer and the veteran producer to Cuba, London, Hamburg, Berlin and New York
The documentary covers two very hectic years. The authors of the film demonstrate against Sharon it inner demons, her the desire to create and path recognition

Holleman and Kovaks experience ups and downs together, suffer and love. Their «all or nothing» principle lays the foundation for Kovacs' musical self—realization
Sharon Kovacs works primarily in the genres of JAZZ and SOUL
Her idols are Dina Washington, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Tina Turner, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simon, Janis Joplin
She learned a lot from them, preserving the main thing for the artist — UNIQUENESS
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